GCH MACH ADCH UKC MBIS GRCH UWPCHX Allaround Majestyk Strike Anywhere

Spark comes to us from Belcroft-Majestyk Shelties in Maine and is the foundation of our breeding program. While starting a breeding program with a male might be considered unconventional, there is nothing conventional about this dog!

Born in June of 2012, Spark came to us at four months old and quickly wiggled his way into our hearts. He immediately showed great promise as a performance dog. He is a creative thinker with a bold, outgoing temperament – it’s only fitting that he is named for a punk rock band.

Spark kicked off his show career by going Best of Breed over specials for a two-point win at his very first show. He was just six and a half months old! At eight months old, Spark finished his UKC Championship in his first weekend out. He earned four UKC Best in Shows and over a dozen UKC Total Dog awards. He finished his AKC championship with back-to-back majors and quickly earned his Grand Championship, always owner-handled.

He is so fast in agility that it took a bit of time to develop the consistency required for double Qs! Spark earned his AKC MACH in 2021, followed by his USDAA ADCH and Tournament Master Bronze titles in 2022. He has multiple USDAA Regional podium placements. When not tearing up the agility ring, Spark is an enthusiastic weight pull dog, having earned his UKC United Weight Pull Championship Excellent title with multiple class wins. He also enjoys dabbling in rally (AKC RE), obedience (2 legs towards an AKC CD), and herding (AKC HT + 1 leg towards PT). Spark has earned the coveted ASSA Versatility Certificate Excellent (VCX) as well.

Spark is health tested (CHIC #102271) but no longer producing. We co-own him with Terri Little of Majestyk Shetland Sheepdogs.