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We DO NOT currently have ANY dogs or puppies available and WILL NOT have a litter available until mid-2021 at the absolute earliest.

If you are an experienced DOG SPORT competitor interested in getting on the wait list for a 2021/2022 litter, please fill out our Puppy Inquiry Form (link below).

If you are a PET OWNER interested in a 2021/2022 puppy, please read our criteria below, then follow us on Facebook and contact us when we announce a confirmed pregnancy.

Thank you for your patience & understanding!


If you are interested in a puppy from us, please consider the following:

-We breed 0-2 litters per year and the majority of our puppies go to dog sport homes. If you are not an active dog sport competitor or therapy dog team, it is highly unlikely that we will have a pet puppy for you. Our pet puppies are only placed in New England.

-We keeping a waiting list for our litters. If you're interested, fill out our puppy inquiry formDo not fill out this form if any of the following apply:

  • you are looking for a puppy immediately: they aren't cooked to order, and we sell puppies to homes who specifically want an Incendio Sheltie & are willing to wait for one, not just any sheltie
  • you are looking for a puppy at a very specific time of year like spring break, summer vacation, Memorial Day, etc: Mother Nature will scoff at you, and the puppies will certainly come a week earlier or later than fits into your schedule. We breed infrequently and the likelihood that we will have a puppy suitable for your home at the perfect moment is highly unlikely

-We do not ship puppies. We are happy to meet you at Logan Airport (BOS) or T.F. Green Airport (PVD) or you can drive to Rhode Island to meet us.

Our e-mail address is: woof [at] incendiosheltie [dot] com